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Best E-mail Solution For Small and Medium Business

Posted on in Google Apps For Business

With on-line marketing strategies, e-mail is one of our top methods for tracking leads and conversions in addition to phone call tracking. In most cases, we hide the e-mail addresses behind forms in order to track the lead on the conversion page such as “thank-you.php”.  However, just because it is hidden doesn’t mean we don’t […]

Customer Match by Google Adwords, Awesome!

Posted on in Google Products

As a certified and badged Google Adwords Agency, it is our job to put you first in line for new products from Google.  On Sunday, Google announced Customer Match is coming. This will allow us to reach your repeat customers as well as potential customers in a fashion like no other. We will be able […]

A Responsive Website Is Crucial For PPC Campaigns

Posted on in Web Development

Responsive Web Design Sample

As an agency, we get a lot of outside clients that come to us with poorly designed websites and expect us to get them exceptional ROI in their campaigns. We do our best to explain that the best money spent initially is to invest in the website and be sure it is responsive. A responsive […]

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