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You are leaving leads on the table if your website loads slow. In fact, studies have shown that websites loading longer than 2 seconds have a 47 percent bounce rate! Visitors are fleeing your website and not giving your business a second look!

Most agencies simply don’t know how to optimize your website for page speed. We aren’t like the others. Our design team works directly with our development team to ensure we get lightning fast page loads along the way, not at the end.

We do all the technical stuff you don’t need to worry about.

How can SEM Genius speed up my website?

If you are already a client, then you are in good hands, naturally. In the lucky chance you found us to speed up your website, we will treat your website like one of our own.

Stop losing valuable visitors because your website loads too slow.

Our WordPress Speed Optimization Offerings

Our Website is Extremely Fast, is Yours?

Don’t trust an agency that doesn’t lead by example. Our website breaks the meter and loads in fractions of a second. This is by design and development. We wouldn’t expect you to stick around if this page didn’t load under two seconds, would we?

Your website gets the same love if not a little more. We get giddy when our client’s sites are the fastest in the industry. The SEO and conversion benefits of a fast website are not debatable. Our success is your success.

Rapid. Responsive. Reliable.

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