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SEM Genius stands out as a premier digital marketing agency, driven by a team of marketing experts who specialize in high-impact performance marketing solutions. With our proficiency in PPC, SEO, Social Media Advertising, and Creative Services, we empower businesses to enhance their online visibility, supercharge lead generation, and propel sales to new heights. 

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Results Speak Louder: Our Core Values

At SEM Genius, we firmly believe that actions speak louder than words, and results are the true measure of our success. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver measurable outcomes that drive your business forward. 

Data-driven Decisions

Our strategies are grounded in data and analytics. We rely on insights to fine-tune our campaigns, ensuring that your marketing efforts are continuously optimized for maximum effectiveness. 

Measurable Impact

We pride ourselves on delivering results that you can see, touch, and measure. Whether it’s increased website traffic, higher conversion rates, or improved ROI, our focus is on outcomes that matter to your bottom line. 


We believe in open and transparent communication. Throughout our partnership, you’ll have regular access to us, so you’re always informed about the progress we’re making. 

About Our Founder & CEO

Michael Grimm

Michael Grimm is a seasoned consultant and advisor with a rich background in business growth strategies, particularly focused on ROI-driven lead generation. With over two decades of experience, Michael has developed proprietary methodologies to help companies achieve exponential growth.

His educational background in accounting from Florida International University provides a unique perspective, allowing him to integrate financial fundamentals into his digital marketing campaigns, ultimately aiming for enhanced ROI. Michael emphasizes the importance of understanding a business’s financials to tailor effective marketing strategies.

Beyond consulting, Michael is also actively involved in business ownership and investment, using his own resources to test and validate strategies before implementing them for clients.

At SEM GENIUS, Michael ensures personalized attention to each client, treating their business as his own and providing immediate access to proven tools and strategies. He leads a highly skilled team comprising designers, programmers, and content creators, while personally overseeing marketing efforts and managing SEM and SEO campaigns.

Based in South Florida, Michael serves clients nationwide, prioritizing strong client relationships and personalized service as key drivers of success in digital marketing partnerships. If you’re seeking a digital marketing company, Michael’s hands-on approach and expertise make him a valuable partner in achieving your business objectives.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to empower your business with ROI-focused digital marketing, ensuring you outperform your competitors and dominate the market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to excel as the premier digital marketing agency, helping businesses reach new heights by utilizing our proficiency in PPC, SEO, Social Media Advertising, and Creative Services to maximize their online potential.

Unlock the Power of SEM Genius: Your Google Partner

SEM Genius proudly holds the esteemed title of Google Premier Partner, a prestigious recognition reserved for agencies showcasing exceptional expertise and a track record of excellence in managing Google Ads campaigns. This esteemed designation signifies our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier results while meeting and exceeding Google’s rigorous performance standards. 

As a Google Premier Partner, SEM Genius gains exclusive access to invaluable training, unwavering support, and an array of resources directly from Google. This means that our team is armed with the latest insights and innovations to propel your Google Ads campaigns to new heights.

When you choose to partner with SEM Genius, you’re enlisting the services of a trusted digital performance marketing agency with the profound knowledge and skills required to unleash the full potential of your Google Ads endeavors. With us, success isn’t just a goal; it’s an expectation.

Partner with SEM Genius today to experience the transformation power of Google Ads campaigns like never before.

Elevate Your Strategy with SEM Genius: Your Microsoft Select Partner

SEM Genius proudly holds the esteemed title of Microsoft Select Partner, a recognition that signifies our exceptional skills and proficiency in delivering cutting-edge solutions through Microsoft Advertising. 

As a Microsoft Select Partner, we’ve demonstrated our expertise in implementing and managing a wide range of Microsoft services. With exclusive access to Microsoft’s top-tier training, unwavering support, and a wealth of resources, we are uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled solutions and support to our clients.

When you choose to partner with SEM Genius, you’re aligning with a trusted and knowledgeable digital performance marketing agency. We possess the expertise necessary to unlock the full potential of Microsoft’s paid search offerings, tailoring solutions that precisely meet your distinct business needs.

Experience the difference of collaborating with SEM Genius and elevate your advertising strategy with the power of Microsoft Advertising.

Why Choose SEM Genius?

When you choose SEM Genius, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to delivering results that make a real impact. We understand that your success is our success, and we’re committed to achieving outstanding outcomes for your business.

Ready to see how results can transform your marketing efforts? Contact us today to get started on your journey toward measurable success. 

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What Our Customers Say

Mason TushMason Tush
09:39 11 Aug 23
Our businesses, CB’s Outfitters and Parasail Siesta have worked with SEM for several years now and have been a strong and effective partner for our online marketing. Highly recommend
Taylor EasonTaylor Eason
22:34 10 Aug 23
Positively impacted my company and gave us great results via Google marketing.
Jim HanleyJim Hanley
21:45 10 Aug 23
Mike Grimm and his staff, are top shelf and have always gone overboard when addressing my needs and requests. I’ve never had to ask twice and am always treated with the utmost respect and courtesy!
Omar AlvarezOmar Alvarez
21:31 10 Aug 23
I’ve been working with them for almost 5 years and they have helped my business to grow in every aspect.Mike Grim is a great person to communicate with, very easy going.Highly recommended !
Jay Morey (Jay)Jay Morey (Jay)
18:07 18 Dec 21
David IdeDavid Ide
15:25 11 Nov 17
SEM Genius has been handling all my digital marketing for almost 6 years now and not a day goes by when they aren't innovating and keeping me ahead of my competition. With 4 companies to manage I feel as I though I have an internal marketing director taking the burden off me of keeping up with the changing space. Search engine marketing accounts for much of our success. I have tried other companies before finding them and no one even comes close to the high level of service offers. Highly Recommended.