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SEM Genius LLC, Founded in 2006 by CEO Michael Grimm was established to bring small and medium businesses the highest ROI online marketing solutions possible. Through ‘Genius’ strategies and working closely with Google (we are a certified agency) we get clients the leads first and lots of them!

It is our mission to give your company a full marketing department and expert marketing director at a fraction of the cost of doing so internally.  Think of Michael as your company’s president of marketing that brings extensive expertise and strategies to stay way ahead of the competition.

Our team consists of digital marketing experts that put heart and Genius into each campaign. There is no campaign that doesn’t get 100% of our attention. From budgets of $500/month to budgets over $100,000/month we take each campaign one at a time and build it from the ground up. No cookie cutter campaigns. No one campaign is alike.

Our main office is located in Miami, Florida.

Our Team

  • Michael Grimm Photo

    Michael Grimm

    El Presidente

    Michael is Google certified and badged. He has managed clients with spends of $100k/month and total spends over $5MM per year. He loves to learn each client's business inside and out to find the best online marketing strategies. He has been called a "Small Business Super Hero" by his clients. Michael is your personal marketing director at a fraction the cost of an in-office employee.

  • Irvin Photo


    Head Designer

    Irvin handles all the banner design (remarketing and display) as well as landing pages and beautiful web design. He is also a very talented photographer and often uses his own stock photos for clients.

  • Tim Photo


    Content Development / Project Manager

    Tim is over qualified (UF Grad) for just about every position here at SEM Genius, but his content and copywriting is a passion. Websites and marketing material is nothing without the right copy.

  • Amir Photo



    Every good digital marketing team needs an elite programmer to handle any task that may arise. Whether it's creating custom scripts or fine-tuning applications, Amir is top notch.

  • Evan Photo


    Tech Engineer

    Evan has been a great addition to our team. He handles all the technology including drone videography, photography and network management.

  • Jose Reyes Photo

    Jose Reyes

    Project Manager

Some of our Clients

  • Fred Hunters
  • Coletta Sportfishing
  • RentalBoat.com
  • StudyOrgo.com
  • Google AdWord
  • Facebook
  • Bing Ads
  • LinkedIn